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What's the first thing you do when meeting someone new?你问他们问题来揭示他们的故事:你从哪里来的?你做什么工作?你有孩子吗?Do you come here often??Questioning a stranger is more than a polite way to pass time — it's the core of trying to connect.

故事让生活变得有趣,给人们一种联系的方式。People crave them,which creates a big opportunity forbrand storytelling

不幸的是,很多公司都不把自己当作品牌,let alone consider whether they have a story to tell.But the problem is not that they don't have a story — they just don't understand how to find it,or how they should be sharing it.

A brand story is made up of all that you are and all that you do.From the company's history,mission,inspiration,目标,观众,和雷森 D'TrE,it's why you exist.你的故事就是人民,地点,以及你的公司发展壮大的理念。It's the foundation that keeps a brand going and growing.It's a blend of those vital little core pieces of information about your business — how you came to be,为什么你的产品或服务是特别的,what you're passionate about,你的公司文化,how you make people's lives better,为什么you会和你公司做生意。

品牌故事可以告诉在许多不同的形式,with an evolving story line and cast of characters,但是内容创建者必须警惕连续性和一致性,avoiding any holes.Your brand's story has to resonate with people at a level that goes way beyond what's tangible — the functionality,特征,以及您的产品或服务的好处-创造一个emotional connection with your audience.你必须创造一些他们想成为其中一部分的东西,并表明你真的get"who they are and what they need.

Here are a few basic questions to answer to help you pull your story out of its box:


To tell your story,you have to know your reason for being in business and be able to articulate it clearly.What is your purpose?What is important to you?你的产品与竞争对手有什么不同??

Business leaders must understand the essence of their own company's mission — and get real with themselves as to how durable and realistic that mission is.企业还必须有明确的企业定位,以确定他们的核心是谁,并且是基于对他们为什么从事商业以及他们为谁从事商业的深刻理解。策略,mission,and vision are part of the true essence of a brand story,and are essential to aligning that story with truth and reality.If you are building upon a weak foundation,你的故事总有漏洞。

回答关于你为什么要做生意的基本问题,往往会揭示那些重要的信息,这些信息是什么让你与众不同的,compelling,and interesting to others.Knowing where you've been will help you know where you're going.

Example: Splenda:当普莱达带着阳光升空时,yellow packets,它通过引入三氯蔗糖迅速占领了市场份额,a new zero calorie sweetener"用真正的糖做的。”Early on,斯普林达的人们致力于讲述他们的故事。In fact,Splenda takes storytelling so seriously that an entire section of its website is dedicated to telling它的品牌故事。Splenda doesn't assume brand loyalty will be enough to lure consumers;it gives consumers a brand story to be loyal to.


Telling your brand story helps you distinguish yourself from the overload of information out there.It's why some brands,like Apple and Starbucks,give some people the warm fuzzies — and create an irrational teenage-like crush in others.

2.What's your history??

From shampoo to chocolate to logistics companies,people want to know the history of your products or services and how they came to be.Has anyone else owned your company?结果如何?您的业务起源背后是否有创造性或历史性事件?If you're stuck for inspiration,consider that the luxury notebook company Moleskine created a fictional history around its notebooks,把他们描述为过去两个世纪艺术家和思想家使用的传奇笔记本:其中包括文森特·梵高,巴勃罗·鲁伊斯·毕加索Ernest Hemingway,还有布鲁斯·查特温。”“

Example: Oren International:你觉得你的生意不那么令人兴奋吗?Paper converting likely doesn't sound thrilling either.In fact,Oren International的人曾经有过一次boring website focused on numbers,重量和尺寸,and type of paper they convert — it certainly didn't tell the story of a fun,creative group with an amazing paper facility that services major clients — including restaurants,pharmaceutical companies and advertising agencies — worldwide.

Once we got to know the real story behind Oren's operations,we found gems of information to bring out its personality and enhance its custom services through more fitting words and visuals.

Oren's new content explains how it partners with companies to bring their visions to life and conveys its passion for the possibilities of paper.它有发言权和观点,并有效地传达了Oren可以为客户做什么,from developing innovative alternatives for product parts to make them more green and economical,与项目工程师合作执行想法。

Within the first three months of its new site launch,Oren International的电子书转化率为69%,哪些是针对餐厅的,and an 86 percent conversion rate on an eBook about the environment.Both of these pieces show Oren's expertise and commitment to quality through interesting storytelling.

Oren International网站(之前)

Oren International网站(之后)

3.Who are your main characters??

每一个品牌故事都有助于其形成的主要特征。Was your business inspired by a book?Did your founders have a chance meeting with someone on a subway?有没有aha慢跑的时候?To find the heart of your story,首先要确定所有能让你的生意兴旺发达的人(真实的或虚构的),and use them as your cast of characters.


这是你做生意的最终原因。你为什么要出差?What call are you responding to?What problems are you trying to solve?方法产品创始人Eric Ryan和Adam Lowry着手通过创造激发一场幸福健康的家庭革命”with ingredients that"来自植物,not chemical plants"将是“瓶子里的榜样。”该方法的年收入现在超过1亿美元。

5。How have you failed??

Failure often breeds success.Showing people how you failed along the way and transparently embracing those pitfalls demonstrates the humanity of your business and will help them feel more connected to you on a personal level.即使是亨利福特,在创立福特汽车公司之前,也曾五次失败,失去了财富。

6.Where are your gaps??

当你深入到问答环节时,注意你看到人们不愿分享的话题或主题。It's common practice to try and fill every month and year of your working life when creating a resume.你不是supposed"to have any gaps in your professional life.  From our experience,those gaps are usually where the most interesting stories take place.  Whether a year of work is missing from traveling the world,starting a family,或者只是失业,the best stories often come from those empty spaces.

寻找这些有趣的差距的一个简单方法是为你的公司创建一个时间表。不要把今年的经济低迷归咎于经济衰退,或者转变。”Be honest with yourself and acknowledge the good and the bad.  What you'll likely find is that during those times you normally wouldn't highlight,你故事中最有趣的部分将会出现。

缓慢的一年可能会迫使你的公司发明新的产品或服务。A rebranding campaign may have resulted from bringing on a new partner or letting someone go.  The times where everything seemed status quo or even boring may have been when your next big idea was actually brewing underneath the surface.   The gaps often hold the key to why you have a story in the first place.  Whether you are a new or old brand,taking some time to remember why you started or how an idea came to you can be the essence of your story.


You have to know who you are before you can explain it to someone else.没有核心价值主张的品牌,or have internal discrepancies about what they are even trying to say,将永远无法以诚实和迷人的方式与世界分享他们的故事。

你独特的品牌故事是五大核心要素之一for running successful,scalable content marketing operations.Readour2016 Content Marketing Framework: 5 Building Blocks for Profitable,可扩展的操作for an overview of the全面的战略蓝图。

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