By Alice Ohpublished January 24,2019

Power Up Social Media Strategy With These 4 Tech Tools

The massive amounts of social data,growing number of demands and requests from customers through social platforms,and evolving best practices make it easy for marketers to get overwhelmed.

However,advancing technology is creating ample ways for brands – regardless of the size of their teams – to reach and grow their audiences on social media.It can sift through the data faster than any human can,filtering the most relevant information,and converting it into valuable insights for marketers to use in real time.

But with a wealth of tech tools available,how do you evaluate which solution is best?Let's look at how four social media management tech tools give huge benefits and growth potential in an oversaturated tech space.

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By Brad Smithpublished January 23,2019

How to Make the Most of Your Paid Content Promotion on Facebook

In the past five years,Facebook's organic reach has declined significantly – 2016 alone saw a52% drop.

Facebook Pages with over 500,000"likes"have an average organic reach of 2% or less for each post,according to williamhill中国网站research from Social@Ogilvyreportedby HubSpot.

Facebook Pages w/ over 500K likes have an average organic reach of 2% or less.@Ogilvy #williamhill中国网站research @hubspotClick To Tweet

Similar declines are happening with Instagramorganic reach,too.

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