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显然地,,61%最有效的营销人员定期与他们的内容团队会面。But imagine if other teams in the company were involved in content?如何提高效率??

One of the most inspiring examples of a company using the creative power of employees outside of the content team is Johnsonville,the Wisconsin-based sausage maker.The company asked its employees to help tell the brand story,and more than 100 employees responded to an open call.结果之一:几个awesome commercials被创造出来,such as"Regular Speed Chase"by Brett and"Jeff and His Forest Friends"by Jeff.

Each spot is still making waves on social media.公司也分享了这个过程,公司高管的反应,通过它blog.


Just think of the creativity,全新视角,and advocates you could have if everyone in your company were an unofficial member of yourcontent marketing team.Here are six ways to get started.

1.Start a dialogue with leadership

Make sure company executives are on board with the idea of involving more employees and are willing to promote your plan with department leaders as you test different solutions.

公司的每个部门都需要认识到内容的好处,并理解为什么它应该是一项协作性的工作。Set up a meeting with the department leaders to explain how content can:

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单独与部门领导讨论,确定他们可以分配给团队成员每月参与内容创建的时间。Discuss the possibilities of rewarding employees' contribution and enthusiasm for content marketing efforts through bonuses,独家赛事通行证,免费旅行,internal recognition,etc.

2.Invite employees to collaborate

如果是其他团队的成员,such assalesor customer support,have ideas and would like to make something of them,give them the opportunity.

Ask if they have anything they are interested in making for the brand.Consider giving them the chance to write something for the blog under their name or even torecord a video.

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Encourage the leaders of different departments to invite their team members to contribute content and participate in other content marketing activities (e.g.,头脑风暴法,分享)。Here are a few ideas to help implement collaboration across the company:

  • Promote the opportunity in the company-wide newsletter by inviting employees to participate in corporate content creation.Include a survey to better understand company employees' hobbies,interests,angles they may be interested in covering.
  • Introduce internal communication tools这样就更容易让更多的员工加入公司。

One of the most inspiring examples of big companies encouraging content collaboration is the红皮书思想领导计划。IBM invites itsemployees to contribute to the siteand offers blogging training for employees.这些努力产生了2个以上,来自500多名员工思想领袖的000篇博客文章,他们经常为公司的财产做出贡献。


Not all employees want to create something,没关系。Your whole company collaborative process can involve non-creators,too.They can provide ideas in an informal way.While brainstorming is one option,I am not a big fan of brainstorming at formal meetings.根据我的经验,大多数人在集体环境中回避贡献想法。他们喜欢在有时间思考后通过其他机制分享想法。

It can be more convenient,time-saving and scalable to introduce a separate tool where employees can swilliamhill正规网站ubmit their ideas.Open a discussion channel in松弛,make a特雷略董事会,or share aGoogle Doc.Then ask employees to add their ideas.

Below is an example of a Trello board letting various team members brainstorm,份额,讨论内容想法。


4.Ask employees to share

很多员工已经在社交媒体上,and some regularly follow and engage in online conversations.By encouraging them to share the brand story and messages,你提升了你的社交媒体形象和忠诚度。

Consider just a few of these stats and experiences.正如SocialChorus的联合创始人兼战略高级副总裁NicoleAlvino所说SocialMediaToday,content shared by employees receives around eight times more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

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MSLGROUP报告that brand messages extend 561% further when shared by employees versus the same messages shared via official brand social channels.

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The content marketing and social media management tool,,DrumUp,提供员工宣传功能,帮助组织企业内容的协作性社交媒体共享。It gives your employees one place to access all content and easily post it (or schedule it for posting) to their social media channels.You'll be able to identify those who are most enthusiastic about sharing and recognize their effort through a public announcement and/or some sort of tangible prizes or rewards.You may even come up with monthly contests to encourage more participation.


In addition to introducing a centralized place for company-wide sharing,您还可以考虑:

  • Introducing social media policies and guidelines lets your employees know what they can reveal on social media and how much time they can spend there.美联社社会媒体政策are a good example of minimal precautions you may want to introduce.
  • Holding social media training sessions lets you explain basic concepts (hashtags,tagging,etc.).Intel introduced itsDigital IQ training programin 2008,offering employees free and flexible certification options based on their roles and growth plans.


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Getting your employees to share your content is a great way to get your word spread further.但还有另一个机会:策划员工最好的社交媒体内容,在品牌网站上发布。

这样做,你会鼓励你的员工分享更多,展示你的品牌个性,从而让您的潜在客户了解您的团队(并增强对您品牌的信任)。and attract talent to your company,也。

For inspiration,look athow Ciscobuilt a powerful Instagram account by asking the whole company to contribute using the #WeAreCisco hashtag.The best images make it to Cisco's company account,and the featured employee is always tagged.


Cisco hosted week-long training sessions explaining how一款图片分享应用工作以及如何使用公司hashtag成为工作的一部分。

Yotpo,创建和管理在线评论的平台,is a good tool for collecting and publicizing employees' updates to your site.The Instagram curation feature lets you easily locate relevant Instagram updates and publish them to your blog with one click of a button.



Sometimes it is just a matter of talking to each other.Some brand content marketing teams interview non-content employees about what they do and what they think about their area of expertise.For instance,你可以要求员工参与推特聊天.

You may be surprised by how popular something as simple as a transcript from one of these chats can be,and how good your team will feel having their comments highlighted within it.You can take their input in other directions too,such as播客视频.

These steps and others get them directly conversing with customers and members of the online community,and that is a truly great part of providing valuable content in the future.

For an instance,Brafton,营销机构,has a cool tradition of featuring new and old employees in regular blog聚光灯.Another interesting example is Hear Say Social's播客他们的团队成员也出现在博客上。


除了有价值的内容资产,这些努力也提高了你的品牌声誉,所以你可以,再一次,attract more valuable individuals to join your company.

Get the whole team on the content ship

你不能独自经营一艘船;you need a crew.但只有内容团队在船上,you can't go as quickly and effectively as you might with others lending a hand.

Putting your brand's entire team — no matter the department — onto the task of helping with content can make a big difference.它甚至可能最终会推出你从未预料到的创意途径。After all,约翰森维尔的创意团队有没有想过在没有布雷特或杰夫的情况下,与世界上最大的烤架或动物在森林中交谈的速度追逐??

How do you get your team involved in content planning or creation?你有关于它如何为你的品牌工作的故事吗?在评论中告诉我们。

Want to help team members learn more about content marketing,best practices,等。??寄存器them for Content Marketing University.冬季入学截止12月31。

Please note: All tools included in our blog posts are suggested by authors,not the CMI editorial team.No one post can provide all relevant tools in the space.Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones that you have used).

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