Author: Dan Steiner

Dan Steiner is an entrepreneur,author,and marketing influencer.He is an active mentor in the California startup community,and has helped numerous brands grow over the years.Currently he serves as CEO atElite Legal Marketing,a law firm marketing agency.

Dan's published work has been featured in dozens of media outlets,including Entrepreneur,Inc,HuffingtonPost,GoDaddy,among many others.When he's not writing or speaking,你可以找到丹在健身房,backpacking,or volunteering at his local animal shelter.Follow him onTwitterandLinkedIn.

By dan-steinerpublished June 18,2018

If You Aren't Using Website Videos,You're Missing These 3 Benefits

if-you-aren't-using-website-videos-youre-missing-3-benefitsVideo options abound,particularly given its growing influence on content marketing success.If you're thinking video is best done on social media channels,you may not reap the biggest benefits.You need to create videos for your website.

To make that pitch to your brand's executives,read on and grab some stats to support your case.Plus,explore a way video can become a revenue stream for your business.

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By dan-steinerpublished December 18,2016

6 Steps to Get Your Whole Company Involved in Content Marketing


Apparently,,61% of the most effective marketersare meeting with their content teams regularly.But imagine if other teams in the company were involved in content?How could that increase effectiveness??

One of the most inspiring examples of a company using the creative power of employees outside of the content team is Johnsonville,the Wisconsin-based sausage maker.The company asked its employees to help tell the brand story,and more than 100 employees responded to an open call.One of the results: Severalawesome commercialswere created,such as"Regular Speed Chase"by Brett and"Jeff and His Forest Friends"by Jeff.Continue Reading

By dan-steinerpublished July 12,2016

Does Your Content Answer Searchers' Questions??


I still remember the days when you had to go to the library or track down the phone number of an expert to get some questions answered.Now you just"ask"Google,visit Q&A sites,or tweet the question,and almost instantly get answers.

How well does your online content answer questions that your audience is asking?Your ability to helpfully answer critical questions not only assists your audience,but it also helps your SEO because search engines view sites that give satisfying answers as more valuable.Continue Reading

By dan-steinerpublished April 29,2016

7 Less Obvious Tools to Improve Your Visual Content


You really can't have enough tools for your visuals to make your content stand out.New tools bring more inspiration,creativity,and more ways to get your images in front of relevant audiences.

The more tools you get to know,the more you are able to experiment,and the more varied your visual marketing tactics become.Therefore,I share some newer,less-discussed visual marketing tools to help you improve and diversify your visual content marketing strategy.Continue Reading

By dan-steinerpublished October 16,2015

Want to Explain How-To?Do It Visually With These Free Tools


When you want to teach your audience how to do something,visualization is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build awesome media.While we've talked about more obvious ways to visualize an instruction such as aSlideShare presentationor avideo,here are a few newer,more creative ways to visualize your how-to instruction.

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